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British Accent: The 'Go-To Guy' of Movie Accents

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The British Accent isn't just reserved for villains. Why, in any movie that requires an accent, the accent happens to be British, no matter what country is involved. (The exception to this is Kevin Costner, who was required to present a British accent and managed to sound exactly like Kevin Costner.)

A movie I've seen this phenomenon in recently was Sunshine, starring Ralph Fiennes. Everyone, save maybe one German, had a British accent. They were meant to be portraying Hungarians. This can also be seen in any movie involving a submarine.

I believe this happens because the British accent is so easy to learn. Most actors/actresses needing to learn an accent watch BBC America or old episodes of Monty Python and mimic the accent. It's so much easier than trying to learn a German or Russian accent.

British Accent: The 'Go-To Guy' of Movie Accents

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On the other hand, what about 'Where Eagles Dare'? All the characters, Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, et al, have been chosen for the mission because they speak fluent German. But all the 'Allied' commandos have English (or American, or Scots) accents throughout - the Germans, on the other hand, speak English 'viz a cherman accent' - even the English actors like Derren Nesbitt. Humph

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British Accent: The 'Go-To Guy' of Movie Accents

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