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Singing while airing

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Researcher 170889

Any vocalization should not be done while playing air guitar - but only when plying the air microphone. Air Guitar should only be accompanied by air singing - a musical form which involves extremes of expressions of angst, soulfulness, phyical and spiritual pain. Bendings and head jerkings are essential - or for slower ballads, pained raising of the eyebrows and upward rolling of the eyes. But no audible sound.

Singing while airing

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Researcher 192885

I'd havta agree with you... i just cant resist "singing" along with robert plant.... asa matter o' fact, im listining to led zeppelin right now!!!!! la dee da.....

Singing while airing

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Action Jackson

I would have to say that air-singing and air-guitaring are perfectly acceptable to do simultaneously, if one is listening to a songwriter such as Bob Dillon (in which case one can even play air-harmonica), among others.

It does tend to get complicated trying to do more than one at a time, during more fast-paced songs. I notice that when air-singing, my air-guitar tends to suffer (i.e. dropping my air-pick, fretting notes wrong, and a general lack of soul), so I tend to usually offer up a bit of the limelight to one of my air-singing friends.

By the way, am looking for air-d.j. for air-band. Interested prospects please contact me, or send a demo tape of their work.smiley - ok

Singing while airing

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

Yes, multitasking is hard for men :P it does ruin the effect if you have you're proper singing instead of the air singing, the whole effect is shattered

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