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¡ Qué Interesante!

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Amazing story. I had no idea of this.

I read the novel many years ago. I would say it´s mostly funny and keeps your attention because of the many curious and varied stories and characters it has within. It´s a kind of Chinesse box of stories.

Along the novel, there is sometimes islamophobia and antisemitism.
Probably to show the Santa Inquisición how a good catholic converso he was, not that he really felt it.

¡ Qué Interesante!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

I'm glad you enjoyed this, Maria! smiley - hug I never thought! Of course a Spanish person might not know about this musical. smiley - rofl If you listen to any of the music, let me know what you think of it.

I've read a bit (not nearly all) of Cervantes' opus, and I agree - he probably put some of that in there to appease the Inquisition. Although he might not have been very happy about *some* Muslims. He was a slave in Algiers, if you recall. An experience like that would give even the wisest and most tolerant a bad case of PTSD, to say the least.

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