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A military sort of apology ...

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There was an instance in the early 80s, (1980s, I am not THAT old!) when a fire monitoring system in a barracks went berserk. Triggering at every change in Manitoba weather and barometric pressure. Dutifully, we inhabitants would evacuate the building and into the -48C wind-chill weather.

On return, I found that my room was standing wide open - not just my possessions, but those of a friend out of town for several months. I approached the fire-fighters still at the front door about this breach of not only personal security by fire-suppression protocols. Windows and doors closed after ensuring no one present.

One volunteer also happened to be my "Captain" in the chain of command. And the next day, he demanded a written apology for my brusqueness. I was polite and sincerely apologized for embarassing him in front of the Fire Marshall by pointing out his errors and short-comings. And I did encourage further refresher training for the whole team.

My apology was grudgingly accepted by the offended individual, and deeply chuckled over by the one I needed to pass it through

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A military sort of apology ...

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