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Barneys Bucksaws

I spent considerable time in the Canadian Forces. Three years in the Navy, where we wore lace-up shoes with about a 2 inch heal. Not bad once you got them broken in. In Army Reserves for 5 years, I wore the most comfortable thing I've ever had on my feet. Combat boots, the Canadian ones with soft leather lining, waterproof. If you get a good fit, its as comfortable as your slippers. The dress boots, or parade boots, are the most horrible instrument of torture invented by man. Those hard leather ankle boots that dig in at the heals, ankle bones and around the tops. Miserable things!

My son was anoying a teacher in elementary school, and the teacher said to Harley "Your mother wears army boots". Harley's reply - Yes, she does, but she doesn't drive a tank! He had to explain that I really did wear army boots.

Canadian Army Boots

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I only wish I had kept mine! They were excellent.

Canadian Army Boots

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Barneys Bucksaws

Harley as never been in the Military, but he gets combat boots at either a used clothing store or Army Surplus.

Several years ago he was in an accident. Drove his bike across a busy intersection and ran into the side of a van. He had a concussion, broken collar bone, and out cold for 32 hours. (Mom's personal hell - seeing her only child on a stretcher in the middle of the street). He had on his combat boots, and pealed the leather right off one of the steel toe caps.

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