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Its just so much more convenient . . . .

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Barneys Bucksaws

I haven't bought a newspaper in about 3 years, but I read 3 or 4 papers a day - online. Nowadays I can read my own local daily whenever I like on my computer, plus any other papers that are reporting something I'm interested in. If its not online, its on one of the many news channels I have on my cable package. The thing I miss most is folding over the section with the crossword and carrying it around all day!

Like a lot of things from the past, the next generation will have to answer the question, "Grandma, what's an Extra?" when watching an old movie with the grandkids. smiley - cheerup

Its just so much more convenient . . . .

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Florida Sailor All is well with the world

Thank you, Barneys

Your last thought was exactly why I wrote this Entrysmiley - biggrin

I have seen people on the net using the word 'Extra' to grab attention to their blogs or other postings and it occurred to me that many younger readers would not know what the term originally meant.

smiley - cheers

F smiley - dolphin S

Its just so much more convenient . . . .

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I agree I read much of the news online or like you watch the news channels, I too miss the crossword page but not the black fingers from the newsprint. At the time of Princess Diana's death I was in an hotel in Kuala Lumpur amd we were just getting ready to go for breakfast when the news broke so the Malaysian Papers may have produced an Extra Edition, the paper boys would have been shouting tambahan! tambahan! membaca semua mengenainya malay for Extra Extra Read All About It (blame Google Translate if this is incorrect and I apologise to all Malay and malay speakers)


Its just so much more convenient . . . .

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The trope has been used in music too: there are probably other examples, but the Blue Öyster Cult song "Morning Final", about the murder of a small-time crook who is chased down and murdered in the subway by people he offended, ends on a paper-boy shouting "Extra! Extra! Cops say no motive for murder in subway! Read all about it! Extra" with a background of subway trains swooshing...

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