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I was going to cover this but you have done such a thorough job I don't need to. One of the few things I would have mentioned was that not only were turretless tanks easier to build than ones with turrets but using tracks as steering devices, they didn't them.

I would also have mentioned needing to use a mallet to change gear, Michael Wittman's knocking out of 38 British vehicles and Rudolph Galland's tank busting Stuka. Also I would have mentioned the German's calling the Sherman's Ronsons because they lit first time. Did you mention Kursk and Prokorovka as the largest tank battle in history, up to that point, with approximately a thousand Russian and German tanks facing each other, this being the loss of armour the Russians could take but the Germans couldn't?

Nice to meet a fellow enthusiast. By the way I have visited the Bovington tank museum in Dorset years ago and my interest in AFVs was awoken by Von Senger und Etterlin's book on German tank development, during WWII.

Well done

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Oh the Porsche was way ahead of its time but unfortunately the electrics failed on its test run in front of Hitler, which doomed it to second place,

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