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Nice entry! smiley - ok
A few comments:
If whey is the same as myse, it was also used as a drink for the field-workers during harvest - sl├ąttonna. Served ice-cold. smiley - smiley

G35 is the technical label of the Gudbrandsdalsost.

And Raudost must be from some obscure in-land dialect.. smiley - tongueout


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I'm not sure where they say Raudost, but I suspect it's in some parts of Trondelag. I do know that they call Brunost Prim in western Buskerud (prim then is called mjuk prim). smiley - smiley

I would have included G35 in the entry if I could have found out where the term comes from. Why do some cheeses have these codes? I know ordinary Norvegia is F45?thread="smiley - smiley" title="smiley" class="smiley" src="http://www.h2g2.com/h2g2/skins/Alabaster/images/Smilies/f_smiley.gif"/>

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