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Dear researcher...

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Uncle Ghengis

I take it that you've been 'dunked' !?
Proper 'sheep dip' method and all ?

(me too)

Dear researcher...

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As a child, and following a small number of Sunday School changes to find one that suited me, I was told about Baptism. Apparently it took place in a pool below the main pulpit in the chapel. The thirteen or so year olds were dunked in water whilst wearing a nightie or something similar. I had not been christened as a child. I was told by my mother that this was to remove sin and if a child is born of love then why would we need to remove sin? So Baptism loomed and I opted out at the earliest possible opportunity. Approaching puberty, there was no way I was going to be dunked in flimsy clothing before the rest of the chapel. And please, I had no early understanding of perversions of any kind, or any inkling that I could even suspect that of the others in the chapel. Well informed or not, it simply did not feel right at the time.
So here I am now at 40, not christened or baptised. I don't feel left out. I have always thought that my relationship with God is between me and him. I don't need to go to church, chapel or whatever to prove it. I speak to him, he speaks to me.
We have not had many conversations over the last years - what little faith I had has diminished greatly. Perhaps this is something to do with having a friend who has cancer, eating away at her daily. She has two children 5 and under, and she has been the best friend I could have hoped for over the last few years. I had a hard time and she was there for me - often possibly without realising it. Life seems unfair at the best of times. For such a wonderful person, it simply stinks now.
I believe God is within all of us as we choose and to the extent that we choose. My friend seeks him out. I wonder where she gets her faith in her current predicament.
We all seek what we need.
I have said in the past that I am an agnostic, but never that I am an aetheist. I hope that there is something better for us somewhere else.
I also hope that my friend finds the peace that she deserves. She has given life to beautiful and wonderful children. In this life, they are a proud testament. Her impending and premature loss makes me wonder if He is really there. And if so, why oh why, do you have to do this?

Dear researcher...

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I have never been baptized either, but I have been thinking about it recently. I believe in God and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I haven't been baptized because it seems like every church wants you to be a member of their congregation. I'm just not real sure I want to be a member and go to church regularly. My mom died of cancer just a little less than five months before you posted this message, r2d2. I believe she is in heaven right now and perhaps knows your friend,because I'm sure she's there ,too. They are in a heck of a better place than we are, that's for sure. Hope you are still frequenting this site to read this.

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