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Sho - employed again!

Interesting piece, this, but I would have preferred a little more history (why is the No.1 Dress hat called a crap hat? Could it date back to the Peninsular Wars when the French were called Crapauds? (toad) and that these hats vaguely resemble the French style?)

chip-bag hats don't get a mention (are they still around? I'm not sure what they are called, officially)

No2 dress hat didn't get a mention at all - worn with No2 dress and often Barrack Dress (except for regiments, like my old one, Int Corps, who only had berets)

And nothing about the fact that you are not allowed to salute when not wearing a headdress (unless you are a junior officer in the Blues & Royals, apparently)

but on the whole, this raised a smile. And now I know what my dad was on about with the Boingy Boingy thing. I never ran in mine, so I didn't know about the Woodpecker Effect

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