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A few nitpicks...

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I don't mean to discredit your overall statement; in fact, you are very accurate and reasonable in most of your points, however I have a few minor contentions:

>If the Social Sciences, tacitly or overtly, wish to deny the existence of a higher power, then they should either prove it or accept it as a possible confound.

And also:

>Social Science does not prove the non-existence of God.

I only wish to point out that it is logically impossible to prove something false. Therefore the burden of proof is on those who believe that God does exist, since no one can PROVE that he doesn't.
That's all. Extremely well-written and thought-provoking entry!
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A few nitpicks...

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Mrs Zen

Unfortunately Beryl has left, which is a great shame. But your comment reminds me of Douglas Adams remarks about god disappearing in a puff of logic. Thanks for posting it.

Glad you liked the entry, though. I was a big fan of this one.


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