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A857694 - Will the Social Sciences sell its soul or lose its balls?

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toxxin - ¬°umop apisdn w,I 'aw dlaH

My joint subject for my first degree was philosophy. There is a case for calling that something other than an arts subject. Logic is very much akin to maths. Otherwise it's a lot like science but without the experiments. Recall that before you do experiments you have to decide what experiments to do. That exercise is still science.

Closing date: Jan 31st

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a girl called Ben

Happy New Year!

Now that the winter (and indeed summer) madness is out of the way, we can all pick up our daily lives again.

I am therefore proposing to lower the bar on the project on the 31st January; so any additions, changes, ammendments, new entries, and so on, need to be completed by then.

Thanks to all for their good work so far - the end is in sight!

All the best


Closing date: Jan 31st

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a girl called Ben

My Evil Twin, Beryl seems to have left h2g2, (which is a shame - I *liked* her).

I would still like to use this entry. It needs some work. We need a definition of Social Sciences, possibly as a footnote, and we need headings.

Jimster has pointed out that the title is not suitable for the EG. Can it become an internal heading, or even the punchline?

My feeling is that this is very nearly a good entry. The prose is a little purple, (a fault I am guilty of all too often myself) and it definitely needs those sub-heads.

I am afraid I am going to leave making the editorial decisions on this to GTB.

However it is an important entry and one I am pleased to include in the project.


Closing date: Jan 31st

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Mu Beta

**having a bit of a 'mare with the Subbing**

I need your help with this one Ben. I don't feel qualified to add any content off my own bat. Do you want to add this definition or what?


Closing date: Jan 31st

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a girl called Ben

Drop me an email, will you? I am going to be offsite for a while, and I am v happy to help with this, (I may even re-write it if you like), but I don't want to do it on site, if you don't mind.

smiley - love

[email protected]

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