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What is NLP?

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Ssubnel...took his ball and went home

Pardon the ignorance, but you refer to NLP in the entry. What is it?

What is NLP?

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a girl called Ben

You are quite right - it is a major gap in the entry, though NLP would be another uni project in its own right.

Zarquon's Singing Fish and I have been planning an entry on the subject, and I guess we will have to get it written so it can be linked to.

See posts 2 and 3 in this thread: F57153?thread=219300&post=2526910#p2526910

Thanks for posting, it will remind me to write something about NLP in the entry.


What is NLP?

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i haven't followed the link yet, but i too only got as far as Wht is NLP?

you mention it early an explian nothing... smiley - sadface


What is NLP?

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a girl called Ben

"you mention it early an explain nothing..."


a femme fatale called Ben

What is NLP?

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a girl called Ben

Sorry - that was too good an opportunity to miss!

I know that NLP is a gap

I will try to plug it via the edited guide

If I can't plug it via the edited guide, then I will try to plug it via footnotes.

Thanks for your comments - I would have forgotten otherwise, (and may yet forget - so keep on pointing this out to me!)


What is NLP?

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as ben hasn't gotten around to explaining, NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, and is a system of thought used for modifying behaviour.

What is NLP?

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a girl called Ben

or more accurately a number of methodologiesn and techniques which are used to enable someone to modify their own behaviour.

What is NLP?

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NLP is a psuedo science that exists to milk people of their money!!!!

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