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Jimmy Greaves

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Trout Montague

Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals for England in only 57 games. Only Bobby Charlton (49 in 106) and Gary Lineker (48 in 80) scored more, but considerably less efficiently. Famously, Greaves was in the squad but was overlooked (in favour of Geoff Hurst) for the 1966 World Cup Final.

Jimmy Greaves

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McKay The Disorganised

In 1967 Coventry City made it into the top flight of English football, and as a 13 year old I went to watch the elite play.

Tottenham came - bringing with them one James Greaves - stalwart of the English team. He came to take a throw in just in front of me and I leaned over the wall and touched his shoulder, in sheer disbelief. Here was the legendary goal scorer just in front of me, and he was smaller than me. In my mind he was a giant, you must remember in those days football was not the media circus that exists today, 1 hour of highlights once a week and England home games, plus the cup final. That was your lot.

He looked round at me, I just shrugged and smiled - he took his throw in.

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