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King Charles (or not)

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Phil Yabutz

Thanks for a very well researched entry. I had no idea that they was any talk of Charles being any other than King Charles although on reflection the spaniel connection would be a cartoonists gift and of course, the Royal Line is a bit iffy in parts so Bonnie Prince Charlie III may well have got in there first. As for the other names - well:

King Philip - have you seen the all the paintings of Philip of Spain in the Prado - the ones with the Hapsburg lip. I don't think so.

King Arthur - he wouldn't dare, would he?

So, King George he must be, unless, of course, those of us with a taste for a republic have managed to sideline the whole lot of them.
Any suggestions for presidential nomination?

Vive la republique.


King Charles (or not)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Thanks smiley - smiley

I think King Arthur and Queen Camilla has a great ring to itsmiley - ok and much prefer that to President and First Lady Blairsmiley - ill

King Charles (or not)

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Phil Yabutz

smiley - ok, King Arthur it is. There may be same confusion between Camilla and Camelot but I am sure a press briefing and some photographs could deal with that. Will you tell him or should I?
Fortunately President Blair is not going to happen, nor is President Cameron or President Campbell. Too many Scots is a bit worrying unless they could re-instate the Auld Alliance with France and give a nice secular Republique.
I could go for President Geldhof. I know Bob's not a British Subject and has the world's worst hairdresser but that's whole point of a Republic.
smiley - cheers
Citizen Phil

King Charles (or not)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

President Geldof sounds good to me toosmiley - okif we had to have onesmiley - winkeye

Have you read my edited entry on him?


smiley - bigeyes

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