A Conversation for Harringay, Haringey - So Good They Named It Twice?

Harringay revisited

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Researcher 231910

I write on behalf of the Harringay Traders Association about our latest initiative is to rename Harringay Green Lanes to Harringay Village.
This article is superb and has just highlighted our findings; that that for many years since the demise of the stadium, we have become invisible with no identity. Worse still being confused with Haringey. We are about to redress this with the Village idea.
We are looking at direction signposts, painting of the bridge with a welcome sign, more trees to be planted, renaming the railway station and a 'Keep Harringay Village Tidy' campaign. The proposed location of the Village is from Endymion Road to St Ann's Road. We are now consulting with our members, resident groups and local Council.
We would like any response to this idea from anyone who also lives or work in the area.

Harringay revisited

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Number Six

I live in Kimberley Gardens, and think Harringay Village is a great idea - particularly the 'Keep Harringay Tidy' campaign! More litter bins would go down a treat - it's often puzzled me why the street sweepers carry round their own bin on a trolley, whereas if there were enough litter bins for everyone - including the sweepers - to use, then the problem wouldn't be as bad as it is. It's also a problem that the prevailing wind is West to East, which means the Gardens always get litter blown down from Green Lanes, as well as what leaks out of the bags left on the street by the people living in the flats on Green Lanes...

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Harringay revisited

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Researcher 231910

The Village idea is now official, and has the backing of the whole community (traders, resident groups and Haringey council). There will be an Action Plan which will include;
1. Cleaner streets by regular washing of the pavement, maintenance of drains
2. Removal of the wheely bins
3. Removal of the derelict telephone boxes
4. Tree planting programme, hanging baskets
5. Re-painted the bridge with a 'Welcome to Harringay Village'
6. Harringay Green Lanes Station to be renamed Harringay Village
7. Provision of road signs to the Village

Haringey Accord has promised to increase frequency of refuse collection to avoid refuse build up along Green Lanes. Increased numbers of public waste bins and a reshuffle of street sweepers to concentrate on Green Lanes.

A web-site www.harringayvillage.co.uk will be launched to serve as an information platform for all the community groups and also to publicise the identity of the Village to a wider population.

The first step towards the Village identity will be started by the renaming of the Railway station.

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Harringay revisited

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