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Catman do... aka clincher

Nice one... brought back a lot of memories... Thankyou


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The Average Joe No One EVER Suspects

Yeah same here!

I remember Panthro's nunchucks also shooting fire from the red end and ice from the blue. Also I could have sworn the Burbles were called the Ro-bear Burbles or something like that. Oh, and the Cartoon Network does play the episodes every now and then.


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Alex Danov

Also, if you were lucky enough to have the first few episodes on video (as I do) you will have realised that all the members of the Thundercats normally wander around naked with only briefs to cover themselves at best. However.... None of them appeared to have nipples (exceot possibly Panthro) or any kind of "package". This all left me wondering.... Why didn't they die out and why did Liono then have to keep on hitting on Cheetara who was by far the older woman?


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tonemonkey(Steve Cooper, of BLiM fame (?!) contact me!)

Thank god for you I've been trying to remember the first line of Mum-Ra's speech of enpowerment for months now I discover the guide and all is made clear

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