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Current situation, UK 2014

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I am now retired and kinda old. But my interest in this subject is life long as, I am trangender.

With the advent of the internet, conversations and discussions have become more accessible. I have followed a number of different transgender forums and tried to read as much as I can about the current situation of support for transgender people.

1. There seems to be enormous emphasis on 'Coming out'. But why and to whom? Such matters are or the individual and their immediate associates (the American term here would be significant others). When I was a child and until my late 20s, being this way was a positive hazard. I am appreciate that trangender people don't need permission any more but equally we don't need an excuse. Transgender is what it is.

2. There seems to be enormous emphasis upon transition. It reminds me of a pamphlet giving advice on stopping smoking. Among the suggestions was, 'Don't think of yourself as a former or ex smoker, think of yourself as a non-smoker'. Sorry, as an ex smoker myself I am just that. I haven't been a non-smoker since I first realise just how big and grown up smoking would made me look.

Our bodies can be surgically and chemically altered. We can wear clothes of the opposite gender, use different pronouns. But we will always be transgender.

I feel very strongly that the emphasis to take of persona and roles of the opposite gender to be essentially, self deception and frankly, offensive.

I would like to have had the opportunity to present as I felt comfortable. I would like to have had the opportunity to try on different clothes. But I am concerned that some are trying to hide from themselves who and what we are.

I have not committed any crime by being transgender. If the truth be known, it's been hell. I've been beaten up too often. Even had police, health workers, social workers and psychiatrists all telling me it's my own fault for not manning up.

The problem, I suggest, for transgender people is being accepted as transgender, not as the opposite gender from our birth.

3. Current medial support in the seems to have almost disappeared, especially for those born male.

Appreciate any comments.

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Current situation, UK 2014

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