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If you are interested in TS/TG issues or are just a webcomic fan I heavily suggest Venus Envy http://www.venusenvycomic.com/ by Erin Lindsey. I started reading it with little to no knowledge of transsexulatiy because of a link from another webcomic. It is one of the best webcomics that I have read(and I've read through about 50). The humor and characters are astounding particularly Zoe, the bisexual MtF lead. Venus envy does a great job of depicting what a relatively lucky(early transition supportive family) transsexual can expect(or so I've been told, no personal experience) and at the same time manages to not be about Transsexuals and instead be about normal(ish) high schoolers whose lives are complicated by being GLBT with a strong influnce on the T. The main charters are... you know what its past my bedtime and this has rambled to much already I'm just goanna end this post here and make an entry if/when I get a chance, but seriously read Venus Envy and don't let the first 10 strips or so mislead you it gets better quiqly.

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