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Negative Capability

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Immanuel Kant, but it's worth remembering that Kubla Khan. This I learned from another Romantic poet: Coleridge.

This is a thoughtful piece,Emmi, and I come to it after reading your other posting on tragedy. Keats has always been one of my favourites too. I suggest you indulge and declare your romantic bent by going to bed without supper on January 20th (Better lock the doors first), and reading "The Eve of St. Agnes" before going to sleep. It's a lovely piece. Of course, sharing the content of your dreams is strictly optional.

In the mean time, consider these two bits of intelligence (also favourites of mine:

1. Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish
-if you can't find this I'll post it for you.

2. from The Aristos by John Fowles
"Mystery, or unknowing, is energy. As soon as a mystery is explained, it ceases to be a source of energy. If we question deep enough there comes a point where answers, if answers could be given, would kill."

Negative Capability

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Emsley Thomas

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply - I haven't been around much and I hadn't noticed that you had replied...

I am really glad you liked this piece smiley - smiley To be honest it was written very quickly and in a mood of sudden inspiration - I have always been a bit obsessed with Keats though so I had plenty of information at my disposal.

I have found the Fowles but I haven't found the other one yet... Uni library tomorrow!

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