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The Devon Rex is a rare breed of cat that originated in Devon, England sometime in the 1960s as part of a failed attempt to breed Cornish Rexes.

These creatures possess large ears, large eyes, short curly hair and short 'demented' whiskers. They are often confused with pixies, a comparison that might surprise some, but not all.

Devons are very social with people and each other and tend to weigh no more than 9lbs (they are usually quite small). Most tend to purr very loudly when pleased (and this is more often than not) and at least one will sound like a bagpipe when its tummy is rubbed.

If you were to encounter a Devon Rex during the normal course of life, then you should be very surprised. These cats are quite rare and are mostly to be found at strange cat shows in the United States.

In such circumstances as a cat show, be sure to ask the cat owner first if you could gently rub the cat behind its ear (be warned, some owners are extremely assertive when provoked - eg, when the proper protocols are not respected). If one succeeds in pleasing a Devon, it will be your friend for life.

These cats require a lot of love. Feeding them on a regular basis allows such cats to start loving you. Rubbing them gently behind the ears or on the chin wins the favour of all but the most die-hard Devon. Do not mix with Himalayans. Be sure to clean their ears and wipe the occasional goop from their eyes. Devons are very curious, playful and social - any interaction with them will be rewarding - unless they are hungry. They tend to be healthy cats (ie, few genetic problems, surprisingly) and are alleged to be excellent pets for those unfortunates who have allergies.

More information can be obtained from Planet Devon and Breed List.

This Devon Rex Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is a mine of information for owners and aficionados alike.

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