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Tips on the snowhole

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Dig a trench inside the shelter in front of the area you are going to live and sleep on (about 12 inches) - this is a 'cold' trench; cold air sinks, warm air rises: the cold air will not sit around your body and feet. Try and make the roof rounded and then smooth it over - any melt water will run down the sides. As well as a -15C sleeping bag make sure your roll mat or inflatable one is of a decent thickness to keep the cold from your hips.

If you intend to spend more than one day in the shelter make sure you keep avalanche assessments and be aware of temperature increases, particularly above freezing. smiley - cool

Make sure you have a good vent (hole) for air circulation and put a marker (such as a walking/ski pole) on the outside so that others passing will know there is a shelter underneath them, or nearby.smiley - biggrin

Always have some idea of what weather is likely to occur during you expedition - you'll have no big surprises.

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Tips on the snowhole

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