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ADHD and Autism

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Otto Fisch ("Stop analysing Strava.... and cut your hedge")

I always thought that the two are separate conditions - ADHD being a concentration problem and autism spectrum conditions being a relating-to-other-viewpoints problem. Also, I've never heard MMR linked to ADHD before. Have I got it wrong?


ADHD and Autism

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Researcher 234035

Ive just read the main peice and now yours and now feel like a large weight has been lifted!

My son had an adverse reaction to his MMR jab. At around the age of 3 he started having many of the symptoms I now know to be symptoms of ADHD.

He was diagnosed 3 years ago, after my hounding the doctors into listening to me, so many doctors brush it aside as bad parenting.

The diet issue was always referred to by the medical people I have had to deal with as nonsence, I was always told it would make no difference. I could plainly see the reactions my son was having to certain things, and under my own steam removed them from his diet. It does help but not nearly as much as it could have done if I had had the information and help I needed 10 years ago.

I am relieved to know now that I was right all along, relieved yet angry!

Im now going back to my GP and my sons consultant, I want an organic acid test done, and I wont be getting fobbed off this time.

Sorry for the rant

ADHD and Autism

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Researcher 236672

Where can I take an organic acid test?

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