A Conversation for Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters


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Badger B - The Lord High Thingite Archivist

I think the PGGB can be interpreted in many different ways.

Here's my recepie suggestion, which I may be trying this weekend smiley - ill.

1. That Old Janx Spirit = A really strong vodka. 1 Bottle
2. The waters of Santraginas V = Fish Stock. 1 Measure
3. Arcturian Mega-Gin = Really strong frozen gin. 3 cubes
4. Fallian Marsh Gas = The essence of something that you really like the smell of e.g. vanilla, chocolate etc. a drop or two
5. Qualactin Hypermint = Mint Liqueur. 1 measure
6. Tooth of Angolian Sun Tiger = A sugar cube with a couple of drops of Angostura Bitters seeped into it.
7. Zamphour - Camphor flakes. A pinch.
8. Olive

Drink...but very carefully smiley - cdouble


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good recipe. i would, however recomend the following modifications. use a spicy pepper sauce instead of bitters for the tooth (i recommed a sauce known as 'sudden death'), pga (pure grain alcohol) for the spirit, and absinth for the waters of santraginas V to account for the bite of a lemon (as well as some of the hallucinatory effects associated with the pggb). i think this modified recipe would be a little bit closer to what the guide entry had in mind, but would require a good deal of caution to atempt to drink. the effect would probably be closer to a ton of lemon wrapped gold bricks landing on one's head due to the extremely high alcohol content.

smiley - cheers


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Mr. Satan

I think you are being a little too literal in interpretation. In my wild Drunken youth i was known to order the occassional Pan galactic gargle blaster. Which would invariably make the barmaids blink and say "... err, what was that?" The answer was always good for a Laugh, until i made it clear that at least in part i was being serious. The way to make one is to "pour the bar into a glass and add lemon, lime and soda" when i say "pour the bar into a glass" I mean getting 10 to 12(or however many you prefer, pick a number, the higher the better) bottles from the bar, at random, and pour a shot or 2 into a pitcher, I usually ended up with one or 2 types of rum, scotch and vodka, some tequila, triple sec, and whatever other blurry objects where behind the bar that looked good(i was usually pie-eyed by the time i ordered these) along with the lemon and lime and soda. Then shake and serve. It is EVIL. I used soda cause i was drunk and didn't give a damn(like i said i was drunk at the time)

Nights like these always ended with me badly drunk, trying to figure out where all my money went and why the pavement seemed to be leaning to the right !

Try It! Your Liver will Hate you In the Morning! smiley - tongueout


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ive tried you pggb and its good but its a bit salty, i think we should add a bit more ol janx spirit! oh yes lets get wasted, if one of those spirits can get ford totally hammered ill have 5

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