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pissing in the bleach bucket

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I thought I knew enough not to ever, ever do this, but today I found a way to do exactly this!

I was working at home on the computer, and needed to take a pee break. Trying to minimize water use and be green, lately I've been watering the patio garden with gray water mixed with pee. The plants love it. I didn't tell my husband, even though he would support it since, well, I don't discuss my bathroom habit in general, no matter how green they are.

Earlier, I had had to put bleach water on the patio, to neutralize some cat spray that had happened out there. Not wanting to waste anything, I'd put the pitcher of about 2 cups remaining bleach water back in the sink, to throw into the shower or finish cleaning the sink with after doing the dishes.

Later, when I grabbed the pitcher to take to the bathroom to pee, I'd forgotten I'd left bleach water in it, so when I saw the liquid in the bottom, I thought it was just gray water from the kitchen, which would be fine to pee into and put on garden plants.

After peeing into the pitcher, I noticed it bubbling. "That's odd," I thought. Then suddenly I realized, "Oh shit! It's ammonia and chlorine bleach!" I held it away from me and looked the other way as I held my breath and quickly dumped it down the toilet and flushed.

Good thing it was relatively dilute - but still! That stuff reacted dramatically, and fast!

You can bet my husband isn't going to hear about that episode, for sure!

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pissing in the bleach bucket

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