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In 1989 I was doing a routine cleaning of my shower with a popular liqauid chlorine bleach. The cleaning was a bit overdue, and there was some soap scum build up. About mid way through the cleaning I noticed that the fumes seemed unusually strong. Like an idiot, I ignored this knowing that the cleaning process would soon be finished. By the time I finished, my nose was running, my eyes were watering and burning, my lungs were burning, and my breathing was labored and painful. I turned to leave the shower and realized that someone had closed the door. It was then that I realized why the fumes were so strong.

Over the next 2 years, I had bronchitis at least 24 times along with extreme joint and muscle pain. I then developed a tremor which eventually was diagnosed as Parkinson's Disease. My question is this: Are there any neurotoxic gases that can form from mixing liquid chlorine and soap scum?


What happened to me?

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Unfortunatly for you clorine gas is toxic all by its self. What would have happened is the normaly non-leathal amounts of clorine built up in the bath room doing extreme cellure damage to your sinus cavites and lungs. If you want proof of clorine's deadlyness just look to world war 2, the germans used the gas to kill hundereds at a time in a very slow, painful death.

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Chlorine gas was used in World War one, it bears a close resemblance to chlorine gas. Everyone (including the Nazis) agreed not to use it in World War 2. What you're thinking of is hydrogen cyanide gas (used in gas chambers in ww2).

BTW-To clarify, what the original poster made IS in fact Chlorine gas not hydrogen cyanide.

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My body is in unusually excellent condition because I use herbs to constantly clean toxins, poisons and pesticides from my body. I too have made that mistake with chlorine and ammonia, and had to "cleanse" my body to regain my health. A truly knowledgeable health practitioner can guide you in the right direction and will show you how to regain your health and even clean heavy metals from your system. Don't make the mistake of thinking that an employee at the local Health Food Store is of the caliber you need. Also look up the power of the Shiitake, Reishi and the Maitake mushrooms on the internet. Scouring the internet can lead you back to a robust health. Change your eating and change your life. Dr. Christopher's herbs are excellent; if you study his life and history, he was truly an amazing healer. The Chinese herbs are also fabulous. I am 66 and most people think that I am in my early 50's. Good luck, your health is recoverable and it IS worth the effort. I go to the gym everyday and the boys at Brazilian JuJitsu say I am a strong as an ox and at Krav Maga they say I hit like a Gorilla.

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