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Stagnant Water and Bleach?

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I noticed a very foul urine-like smell in the bathroom whenever I'd wash my hands and came to the conclusion it was the stagnant water stopped up in the overflow of my sink! It smelled like an outhouse when I put my nose up close! It was BAD! I decided to put some bleach in there to clear it out... much to my suprise, it started foaming!!! um, so I figured, maybe there was ammonia in the stagnant water since it smelled like urine? And doesn't urine contain ammonia? I love chemistry, and though I haven't taken it in years, I at least know a chemical reaction when I see one... usually.

I've NEVER seen bleach foam up like that all on its own. Since I'd never mix ammonia and bleach just to see if it has the same reaction, I'm wondering if that's what the reaction looks like? ... Am I just shooting in the dark or is it possible the VERY stagnant urine-smelling water in my sink contains a high level of ammonia that reacted with the bleach? And if so, how do I clear the stopped up overflow and stagnant water safely then? I'm VERY CURIOUS!!!! seriously. Someone please clue me in! Thanks! :D

Stagnant Water and Bleach?

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It sounds as if Your overflow is stopped up.

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Stagnant Water and Bleach?

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