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Call yerself a punk?

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The ever so worshipped, over rated, over paid band called the Sex Pistols were just another boy band, on the band waggon labeled 'punk', shame because they played some ok tunes, and did leave a huge fashion culture behind them as far as style go's, but hang on, was'nt that Vivian Westwood and Malcom Mclaren?
Plastic punks mate and no mistake, even The Jam were truer than the Pistols, and as for The Damned and The Buzzcocks etc...
Move on if you will, three years or so, not long at all, thats where
punk truely evolved, from the north with it Oi! movement to the peacefull new-age anarchist of the south. The thing with punk you see is its personal to the individual, if you were an active anarchist and lived in the south, you would more than likely have Crass or conflict, Shrapnel or Subhumans in your record collection. If you were a full-on studs and leather, mohicans and acne punk living up north you would be more into The Exploited etc. Most of us tho in all fairness would listen to it all, including the Pistols, there always seems to be a connection between punks, no-matter what thier individual beliefs.
To quote; Flux of Pink Indians, from the album "Strive to survive causing as least suffering as possible";
'Punk belongs to the punks, not the business men, they need us, we dont need them, punk will NEVER be dead, as long as some of us refuse to be led'
Also; Crass, from "Stations of the Crass"
'Yes that right, punk IS dead, its just another cheap product for the public to reject'

Very apt i think.......And just look at the state of the 'NU' punk secne....Nuff said i think. The only TRUE punk to emerge in the last ten years or so was Kurt Cobain, shot his self because he sold out apparently, cant say i was much of a fan, tho heard quote from said US punk that read; 'The minute you take your guitar outta the house, you've sold out'
.......Who wants to be a punk on a postcard, being sold to another japanese tourist, how quaint, how English, dont it make you sick.


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You dare call yerself a punk?

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I don't know about all that, but it's interesting how this label "punk" has become another thing that you have to qualify for. People talk about whether bands or other people are "real" punks or not. Ugh. It's almost like that cliche about the Sixties: "If you remember anything from the Sixties, you weren't really there."

Only with punk, it would be more like, "If you're worried about how punk you are or whether a certain band qualifies, you probably missed the point."

There was a slogan on a t-shirt I saw a few years back, sold by "Unamerican Activities." It showed a profile of a guy with a mohawk and the caption read, "I guess I was punk once." That pretty much captures the whole discussion in a nutshell.

[Unfortunately, like a foolish consumer, I tried to order one of those t-shirts, and the loser that runs that website & company claims he lost all his orders cuz his roommate trashed his computer or stole it or something. So I never got it. That'll learn me.]

You dare call yerself a punk?

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no offense dude but as for the sex pistols being a boy band. bullshit. what's your problem. you seem to have missed the point they were making. the music was good, you said that yourself, so what's the problem? and the fashion style you mentioned doesn't mean a thing.

Call yerself a punk?

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Ok first of all you fool, if your going to criticize, at least get your spelling right, who the flying ---- was "Vivian Westwood?" Vivienne Westwood os the one your looking for dude.
Second of all, I would LOVE to see what YOU looked like and hear what crap you listen to. The Sex Pistols made the punk years what they were, and no, they were not plastic punk, they were orignal, genuine.
You should get out more, go make some friends... if you can with that attitude.

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