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Use of the aposthrope

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What is the correct usage here: St Marys on the Hill or St Mary's on the Hill, referring to a complex of church,centre and school? Dan.

Use of the aposthrope

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Gnomon - time to move on

The correct usage by the rules should be St Mary's on the Hill, but place names often don't follow the rules. You'd have to check what is used locally, on maps and so on.

For example, in London, there are two underground railway stations: Earl's Court and Barons Court. The second one should have an apostrophe, but doesn't.

In your case, you probably can't go far wrong if you put in the apostrophe, but you might find that local usage leaves it out. In particular, in America, almost every place name leaves out the apostrophe. I believe there are only 4 towns in America that have an apostrophe in the name, compared with hundreds without.

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