A Conversation for Stubbing Your Toe

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

brings back some painful memories.

regarding the worst case scenario.......have you neve dislocated or broken a toe? equally painful as a ripped off nail.

award for style in toe bumping has to go to MaW's friend Graham who stubbed his toed when he cycled into a gate...or possibly a gate post... i forget. anyway, if we were giving medals that would get gold for style.

well hell..... lets give medals....

anyone busted theur toe up in a more sylish way?

nice work mikeguy or what ever your name is......should really go and check....smiley - run

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Queex Quimwrangler (Not Egon)

I stubbed my toe on Friday. Bleedy bleedy nail hopping on one foot and swearing at the computer desk.

Just out of interest, does Friday morning hold any significance in the creation of this entry? I think we should be told.

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

FABT, my sister stubbed her toe when my brother tried to teach her to drive a motor cycle and she ended up running over the neighbours rabbit cage. Her toe is still a bit crooked from thatincident, and that was about four or five years ago.smiley - smiley

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On saturday morning I woke up a little groggy and smashed my right foot's little toe on the end of the bed.... (just got a new bed with massive pine feet..)

Much screaming and tears later I returned to the bedroom to fetch my mobile and..... yep....

Smashed the left foot in exactly the same way!

So not only was I daft enough to do it once but twice!!!

Unfortunately I have lost the nail on the left one!! smiley - sadface

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Post 5

An Ambling Rambler

I broke a toe once by landing on it with all my weight after a long hard running start...

*crosses her arms and shuts her mouth from this point on*

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Post 6

An Ambling Rambler

...oh, and when I was little I could swear I hurt it by dropping a jar of peanut butter on it.

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Post 7

Empress of Blandings

Great entry! I am feeling really squeamish.

There is only one thing worse the toe stubbing and that is a car door / fingers interface! smiley - yikes

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Post 8


*Squirming at the thought of it all*

I stubbed my toe on the first night of a holiday by running into a rock that was half-buried on a beach (so much for the desert idea smiley - silly). Not enough to dislocate it, but I spent the next two weeks hopping aroundd like an idiot.


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Post 9


Is the phrase 'stubbing a finger' allowable? It hurts too.

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Post 10

Currently No Clever Name

I have an electric fan next to my bed that is rarely (if ever) used, and every time I hit my toe with it in the morning I promise to move the fan later. This goes to show that procrastination can hurt in ways you'd never expect. smiley - smiley

--CNCN smiley - zen

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Post 11

Steve K.

Yes, I broke a toe once.

I was the quarterback for an (American) football team at a highschool, not the varsity but the freshman team (age 14 or so). We were pretty good, but to toughen us up, the coach got a scrimmage against a junior varsity (age 15 or 16) team from a nearby (public) school (our Catholic school didn't have a JV team, but our guys were, mostly, about as big). So I get a bad snap (hike) from the center to start a play, and there I am, everybody else runs the play and I have the ball in the middle of the field. So I run at the most open space and a defensive player steps on the back of my shoe (a soccer cleat). At the same time, I am tackled and fall forward. POP!

I got my shoe back on and played another down or two, hopping on one foot, while the coaches - in their normal concerned style - yelled "Suck it up!" Then they pulled me out of the game and left me sitting on the sidelines. After the scrimmage was over, a friend helped me off the field to the locker room. The LINE coach, who never talked to backs, came over and pulled my shoe off - my foot swelled up like a loaf of bread. He said, "Its broken, go to the doctor." Which I did - Xray, hairline fracture, cast, several months, no more football. smiley - injured

In retrospect, it was a blessing - I was too thin to be playing with those monsters (1) anyway. I would have broken something more important if I had kept playing. So I stuck with basketball, which was (at that time), a less violent sport.

1. "How big can a 14 year old be?" One of our linemen - a tackle - was a native American, around 200+ pounds (the other tackle was almost as big and faster). We could not find a jersey from the normal supplier, so we got a practice jersey from the University of Oklahoma, sort of the same color. His name is Raymond Kipp, he died in Vietnam. His name is on the Vietnam Memorial, I found it on my visit there. I always liked playing behind Raymond, he was tough.

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Post 12


I broke a toe once stubbing it on the wall (really!) It went all black and swollen and HURT. The really stupid thing is I still bash that toe regularly (about every day... smiley - sadface) so it's gone all mis-shapen.

I'm not stupid really, just incurably clumsy.

It's not fair...

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Post 13

Nbcdnzr, the dragon was slain, and there was much rejoicing

Besides having hurt my toes more times than I can count, I heard a story (a true one). There is this proffesional golfer who suffered a toe-injury while sleepwalking. A flower pot fell on it. He was injured for a while, couldn't play golf.

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Post 14

FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

our dad put a garden forke through his toe and then didnt tell anyone when he was a kid.

but it doesnt really count as stubbing.....just bloo*y stupid.


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Post 15

FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

bloody welly boot as well actually......

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Post 16

Smiffy the Lab Assistant (1+9)*5-(5+4)+1=42

*sits giggling* Not so much a toe stubber as dropping things on it. Still got a very very black toe after being immensely upset by hubby and started throwing the clean laundry away in drawers and cupboards. Such was my temper that I really yanked the drawer that always sticks and it flew out, guess it wasn't sticking that day! Any way the huge full wooden drawer fell on my toe and I let out with the longest, loudest set of expletives, the toe immediately went black and I could hardly walk for two days. Sad thing is I'd painted my toes nails purple the day before and I had to remove the polish to see the damage I'd done. Boy did that hurt! And the big toe didn't look and different "sans" polish!

And I've done the fingers in the car door trick too! Mind you mine didn't hurt until the day after. I was very drunk at the time and didn't realise and tried to walk away! Dad had locked the door, so I had to get him to unlock it before I could retrieve my hand and walk away. Got a hell of a lot of stick for that one I can tell you!

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Post 17

FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

smiley - laugh

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Post 18

Empress of Blandings

Ooooh the car door was locked? Oh I bet that hurt like hurt.

I feel faint!

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Post 19


There are lots of parts of the body you can hurt in similar manners to toe stub... Especially when you might be walking through a hall and hit your hand on the edge of the doorway.

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Post 20

An Ambling Rambler

Fingers? Fingers?! My sister's friend slammed my *head* in a car door. I think the door kind of bounced back after it pushed my head so that it hit the doorframe. It was painful for an hour or two after that, but the headache went away. I came away laughing...

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