A Conversation for Free Will versus Determinism

Good ...the only choice

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a Man from Mars

The Theological Level

God is omniscient, so he knows the Future including what HE will do next. It is dependent upon our free will choices. .....Salvation or damnation. Good or Evil.
God gave humans free will and he still doesn't know what we'll choose because we ACCEPT both Good and Evil.
He waits only for the notion that insisting upon Knowing the Truth will lead us on the path of Good, allowing us to bypass Evil.
Then, it is a simple choice of either Salvation or Damnation. A world of gods or a world of humans. Heaven or Hell on Earth. Our Life on Earth is always a Hell until we start on the journey to Heaven throught our quest for all knowledge, omniscience. You don't go to Hell. We are living in it. Which means that there is only one way to go. We have a free will choice but having made the choice to use Truth as our guide forward in Good, we realise that it is Evil we are leaving behind. We do not need to fear Evil at the Theological level. At this level it doesn't exist?

We condemn ourselves to Hell [on Earth] because we do not choose Good even though there is no choice to make. Our weakness for Evil denies us our only choice and the chance for the Freedom to be a god in a heaven on Earth.
This is, of course, only the starting point for what comes next.

Good ...the only choice

Post 2


Free will is restrictive within the earthly environment; for no person can extricate himself from what you refer to as a so-called hell-on-Earth. Even the astronauts must eventually return.

If humanity truly possesses this free will, it should include the provable ability of humans to chart their own course within the cosmos, escaping both time and the inevitable death that presently takes us all.

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