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My take on the whole free will question

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as with most deep questions, my position depends on how i define "Free will". i am inclined to NOT believe in free will as most people seem to think of it. here's why:
each of us is a product the brain we are born with and the whole of our past experiences.
all of our thoughts [our very stream of consciousness] and all of our actions are dictated by the brains we were born with, our past experiences, and our ongoing current experiences.
hypothetically, if we could account for the mind-boggling large number of variables that contribute to our stream of consciousness and our ongoing actions, we could predict every thought and every nuance of action.
of course, we will probably never have the capability of doing this, but it is possible hypothetically.
in my mind, if our thoughts and behaviors could hypothetically be predicted to the smallest detail, then we are essentially going about life as if we are programmed automatons, with the illusion of having free will, that is, free to make any choice and decision what we fancy.
the only caveat would be if quantum physics somehow plays a role in the macroscopic world that we live in. since nobody understands quantum physics, then i cannot discount the possibility of it leading to some kind of a free will.

so, that's little peteY's take on it! smiley - ok

My take on the whole free will question

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i think yoou have the nail in my head on the head!
i'm glad i din't have to write it all out myself..so thanks.

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My take on the whole free will question

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