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"Take on Me" - The Music Video

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Lucrecia (Knight of an Unusual Amount of Healing Items, Movie Buff Extraordinaire - A809958)

As a big animation fan, I always loved to see a-ha's video for "Take On Me" show up on the television! I used to feel so bad for the poor lead singer when he got beat up by the biker guy... It really pulled on my heart strings! Compare that kind of music video (really, any 80s music video) with the sexed-up non-creative videos served up now-a-days by 99% of music artists and it really makes one miss the good old days when one really *wanted* one's MTV!

Proof of this point: There is a Real World Marathon on MTV in the U.S. as I "speak" right now...


"Take on Me" - The Music Video

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Aurora (Muse au Chocolat; Muse of Fancy Footwear and Seraph of High Heels)

Oh I love the "Take on me" video!!! smiley - smiley

I saw the video (or parts of it) again a few weeks ago in a program about music videos. And that reminded me, that I think I once saw "Take on me" with a different ending - or maybe they usually just don't show the whole video?!

You know how in the end of the video the singer becomes "real". I seem to recall that there was an additional scene, where he and the girl are walking down the street an suddenly the singer starts to turn back to a "comic strip person". He looks sadly at the girl and runs away.

That always stuck me as a VERY sad ending!!!
Does anyone else remember that????

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"Take on Me" - The Music Video

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

I remember!

The additional scene was the beginning of the video for "The Sun Always Shines On TV"... After that scene there was a "The End" caption, and it went into the proper "Sun Always Shines" video. Clever. smiley - ok

"Take on Me" - The Music Video

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Aurora (Muse au Chocolat; Muse of Fancy Footwear and Seraph of High Heels)

I didn't know that!!!
But I'm glad I'm not the only one to remember that scene - people HAVE declared me crazy, you know! smiley - winkeye

"Sun always shines" was the video with the mannequins in the church, right?!
It was a big scandal because the mannequins were naked! smiley - yikessmiley - winkeye

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