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What about The Great Divorce"?

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One of my favorite Lewis books is titled, "The Great Divorce". It is an allegorical tale about a bus that travels from Hell to Heavan. This book gave me a more acceptable view of why there will be some in Hell but not because God is punishing them.

I agree with the comments in the main article. Lewis was a man of his time and in fact was a very ideological person. The Narnia Chronicles were meant to be about Christianity. Aslan is Christ, no mistaking it. He is killed and resurected at one point. Lewis's biography is helpful in understanding that he changed a great deal pesonally after his marriage to Joy Davidman. I prefer the newer version of "Shadowlands" starring Anthony Hopkins if you want a movie to watch.

What about The Great Divorce"?

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Uncle Ghengis

I agree, I think "The Great Divorce" is very profound. I particularly like the way in which heaven is described as being muc *more* real than the 'normal' world. (So much so, that for newcomers, the grass is too hard and sharp and 'real' to be comfortable to stand on.)

We're accustomed to think of heaven (when we think of it at all) as a diaphanous, floating dreamy world - actually a bit boring. Whereas Lewis paints a picture of a vibrant colourful world which makes the 'normal' world seem dull by comparison.

What about The Great Divorce"?

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Ridiculous Chicken† - a very absurd little bird

I agree that "The Great Divorce" should definitely get a mention, it's an absolutely incredible book. The depiction of the 'reality' of heaven and hell is genius... hell would typically tend to be associated with hard labour but much of the badness of Lewis' hell is caused by the fact that you can get all the (very unreal and un-solid) goods that you want just by imagining them.

In contrast, Lewis' heaven is a place where an excruciating amount of hard work is needed, but when you've been through it you get far more than you'd ever have wished for or thought you deserved! It certainly dispels illusions of heaven being a boring place and hell being painful but ultimately a more eventful way to spend eternity!

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What about The Great Divorce"?

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I think The Great Divorce is Lewis' best book as well.

I love how he takes normal, everyday things and invests them with eternal significance, or rather shows that they are already invested with that significance. He does the same thing in The Screwtape Letters.

For Lewis, spirituality was not strictly some mystic, bell/candle/incense affair, but rather the daily grind of life and the choices we make, particularly with regard to one another.


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