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The Midas touch

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King Midas found and cared for Silenus a friend of the roman god Bacchus who had been found wandering and unwell. As a reward Bacchus offered Midas any gift within his power.

Midas hesitated hardly a moment before asking that anything he touched would turn to gold. After some thought Bacchus gave him his wish but smiled a smile of wicked glee as soon as Midas’ back was turned.

Midas picked up a twig. It turned to gold. Then a stone. It too turned to gold.

He went on with increasing delight touching all manner of things and feeling them turn to gold. Presently he felt hungry. He spied a juicy red apple on a tree but as he picked it, it turned to gold.

He went home slowly with increasing hunger and was met at the door by his one beloved daughter. “Father” she cried. “Why do you look so sad” and flung her arms around him. Alas she too turned to gold and never moved or spoke again.

Moral: think before you ask a gift from the gods. They might just grant it.

The Midas touch

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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Did he ever risk going to the the toilet...?

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