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hi snockerty

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i wonder if your impromptue master class is going to be recreated here?! like it was on the bottom of the peer review thread.

here's a question for you just in case.....

on cleaning out the tanks on the x-ray developing machine i was struck with the question: why does the developer turn into something almost but not quite exactly unlike tea?


hi snockerty

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I can think of some people's tea that's almost but not quite entirely like used developer fluid smiley - winkeye (yes, I did mean to say like, not unlike). In I suspect direct contravenance of the health and safety laws I had to empty 35mm film developing machines while on work experience (aged circa 15). I seem to recall lots of holes in the carpet next to the machines... Presumably the tea colour is the chemical that's become detached from the celuloid backing by having been / having not been (not sure which way round it is) exposed to light. Or something like that.

hi snockerty

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

well this was in a 15 litre tank in the xray developer so there hadnt been much through it cos we hadnt done many xrays. but maybe it was the x ray film disintagrating.


x rays can out quite well though.

hi snockerty

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The Snockerty Friddle

Look round the back of the machine......there's a pipe that goes directly from the developer tank into the tea/coffee machine in the canteen.

How did the 'broken jug' shot come out?

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