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brilliant, but...

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Thanks ZFS for a most thought-provoking and intelligent article. I particually like the breathing exercise, and find it very calming.
I think your article couldn't have been better written, clear and comprahensive, and also entertaining.
However, I don't really agree with what you seemed to suggest about the present being of more importance than the past or future. I feel that you gave too much importance to the ability of being able to see where you "are" now, and believe to be truly content it is more important to analyse your experiences from the past, and plan and construct a better future for yourself.
I throughly enjoyed your article but i'm afraid I don't agree with its centrel idea.
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brilliant, but...

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

Thank you noblewushu! smiley - smiley

You say you've got your names from Wushu films - have you don't t'ai chi?

It's through your breath that you connect with the rest of life. Every day as you breathe, you breath in the same air that everyone present and in the past has ever breathed - I thought it was 3 molecules per breath. Hold on, I'll have a check:


mmm - that says 'Each breath contains about 6 x (10 to the 8) molecules previously breathed by any historical figure'.

Whatever the truth, we can regulate our emotions by our breathing.

Is the present more important than the past or the future? I don't think I suggested that the past or the future should be discounted, however anyone's point of influence is always only in the present (OK, you can be influential in the future from what you do today, but you have to do it today first!). If you spend a lot of time (in your mind) in the past it's just reminiscence, or nostalgia and if it is in the future, it's just wishing. How you feel in the now can have a big influence on the future, though. Certainly putting things off until tomorrow consistently can mean your dreams may not be realised. Using today to prepare for the future is a different kettle of fish (always assuming that you have the follow-through to do in the future what you plan today).

brilliant, but...

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wushu films, yeah, going to see house of flying daggers boxing day.
I still think that considering the past isn't just reminiscing but is a useful way of assesing what has happened, how we reacted, and how we can act better in the future.

brilliant, but...

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

Yes, as long as you learn the lessons and move on, noblewushu. If you dwell on things to long, you spend time in useless things like regret. There may be actions you can take to amend a poor past decision, like making amends or apologising - and these things are done in the present. Things like thoughts of how good things were in the past only serve to emphasise that they're not good in the present and even thinking of how bad things were in the past don't move you on.

I hadn't heard of the House of Flying Daggers, but a quick search shows:http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony/houseofflyingdaggers-tlr.html

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