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I really enjoyed this article. It reminded me of an old parable I heard, where a student wants to know why the master is looking at a rose bush and the master tells the student that he wishes to see the rose bush and not his perception of the rose bush.

Fantastic job.


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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

Thanks. What a lovely story.smiley - smiley I really like parables and teaching stories. I have a great book 'The Holy Cat', Sufi and other stories.

smiley - fishsmiley - musicalnote

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I love the parables too, it's amazing how a few words can pass so much information.

Another saying I like is:

Before Enlightenment - Eat food, carry water.
After Enlightenment - Eat food, carry water.

I'll also check out that book, thanks.


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Researcher Ford

I just want to say that I tried the mindfulness technique described here. I had meditated before in a martial arts class. I had not meditated in a while and it felt good to return to it. In addition to feeling peaceful and focused now I know that it brings me to the present. I added a link to it on my space to remind of it. smiley - smiley

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