A Conversation for Hailing a Taxi in Cairo, Egypt

This brings back memories :-)

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A very good entry - I enjoyed this! smiley - smiley

Two things.
May I point readers in the direction of A412787 - driving etiquette in Egypt.

Secondly, if you have a trustworthy tour guide and have days to spare without being part of an organised group, tell your guide what you would like to do. When I was there he haggled with an 'English- speaking'(barely) taxi driver for a whole week of inclusive (and exclusive as he was available any time day and night!) service. This included the 'Son et Lumiere' at Luxor, the Museum and a visit to the Queens, Artisans, Princes, Dendera and Abydos sites and a stopover night at Hurgada including a full day out snorkeling. The price quoted included all entrance fees etc, cost around 80 BP for the week and was one the best investments I have ever made. The taxi driver always got us in to the venues without queuing and even provided bottled water.
Just one point - if going to Hurgada remember to pack toilet paper! I expect things are better now, but in 1992 the place, which relied on the 'waterpipe' hygiene system, had frequent and long disconnections! smiley - winkeye

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This brings back memories :-)

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Thanks Shazz, I've put a link in the entry to Driving Etiquette.smiley - smiley

This brings back memories :-)

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I only knew about it because I contributed it way back when smiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - magic

This brings back memories :-)

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

I really enjoyed reading this....brought back lots of memories - some good, some bad (the way memories always are from travellling).
smiley - biggrin

I found the metro system quite an experience....very clean and modern inside (at least it was when I was there in 1995), but with soldiers who held each others' hands whilst casually slinging their guns over their shoulders to keep the hoardes under control...most bizarre. If I rememeber rightly there were televisions on the platforms to keep everyone entertained, and then when the train arrived, there would me a huge bundle of people who seemed to appear out of nowhere who then proceeded to get involved in a rugby tackle-type brawl to get on it, mattering not that there were elderly people in the midst of it all...

OK, got lost in remembrance then. smiley - biggrin

Great article.
smiley - ok

Taxis in Egypt

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I'm going back soon for the umpteenth time - just another word on the subject of taxi's - be prepared to pay extra for an air conditioned cab (i.e. all four+ windows will have no glass in them) and extra fees on a sliding scale will be payable depending on whether the back seat has an oily rag, an old coat, an old sheet or a hand crocheted blankety/ruggy thing on it.

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