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Shining Time Station

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When I was a four-year-old living in the USA, I remember being introduced to Thomas et al through a show called *Shining Time Station.* It ran more or less like this:

There were these two kids called Matt and Tanya who were always to be found hanging around Shining Time Station. Matt's mom was the station manager, and Tanya's dad also worked there, but I'm not sure what he did. There was also a guy called Schemer who owned the arcade games; he was always coming up with new ways to make money, and reminded me somewhat of Diesel.

Anyway, most episodes revolved around Matt and Tanya having some new and unfamiliar experience. Then a 15cm tall chap named Mr. Conductor, played by Ringo Starr, would magically appear and tell a *Thomas the Tank Engine* story which just happened to be about exactly what Matt and Tanya were experiencing (eg getting older, the True Meaning of Christmas, etc). Afterwards, the kids would be enlightened on some matter and ready to be all good and helpful and stuff.

Basically, the whole *Shining Time station* package was a sort of envelope to make the original British show more palatable to American audiences. However, it was very well done, and I definitely missed it when I came to live in Ireland at age six...

Shining Time Station

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That would explain the references in the Film version then smiley - ok

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