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meaty ramen?

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If one is in a hurry (one of the better things about ramen is that one can prepare it quickly (and cheaply) just before sitting down to some serious vegging out... or.. erm, studying... anyway, I always found I enjoyed adding some ketchup (or catsup), lime, cut squares of ham (ready-sliced-type from the "meat" section), pepper, salt, and a dab of tobasco sauce... I think it gives it enough of a different flavor that ...erm... it doesn't seem /exactly/ like just more ramen? either way, its a slightly hispanic flavor this way. Why not just combine a packet or ramen with tomato soup you may ask? Well, I can't say... except that I always purchased the ramen in the cups (because the plastic bag ones tend not to have the "vegetables")... at any rate, enjoy.

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meaty ramen?

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