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Bob Or Harold

I was about to write up all I know on ramen noodles and I realized I should probably search this one.. And I find two entries that might fit what I was gonna add.. The one with the fancy recipies and this one.
My entry would include some of the many preparation methods that have been invented by students/lazy bums such as my self to spice up their ramen noodles, such as, to list a few, 'souping' them as you listed, the frying pan,several dry methods,straining,microwave variations, cooking without leaving the bag etc.. also i was gonna put what kinds of spices go with what flavors and stuff like that.
Here's my question.. should i do this? (of course i should!).. and how would i get associated with this entry?.. because they belong together, my recipies aren't nearly as fancy as the ones in the other entry and don't really belong there.. I'm sure there are many ramen variations that i haven't even thought of, and that don't involve actually making an effort to chop things/do anything that resembles work in cooking them...
-frederick bouncing kweeder (and lazy chef)

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