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David Dickinson is the presenter of the BBC television series Bargain Hunt, a programme that evolved from The Great Antiques Hunt. The contestants (two teams of two people) are given £200 and an antiques expert - whose advice is largely ignored - and are let loose for one hour at an antiques fair, where they hope to pick up a bargain, which is then sold on one week later at an auction. The contestants hope to make a profit, but what they really hope for is the chance to meet the host David Dickinson, antiques dealer and all round charmer. David is fast becoming a household name, and is very popular with many people, from students to pensioners, and everyone in between.

A Short Biography of 'The Duke'

David was adopted as a child, and his background includes a French/Armenian parentage - which would explain his exotic, dark good looks. David began an apprenticeship at an aircraft factory when he was 14. He's is married to wife Lorne, has two grown-up children, and he is also a grandfather (although some people find this hard to believe). David has been an antiques dealer for over 30 years, which he says began when he worked as agent to his wife, who was a cabaret singer. While she was working, David would spend time visiting antique shops - eventually opening his own shop with an old school friend, Chris Haworth in Disley. The pair sold this shop in 1980, and opened another in Wilmslow where they worked together until the partnership was ended three years later. At this point, a silent partner was brought in and the business ran until 1991 when the partnership was dissolved. David began concentrating on antique fairs and has only worked in television for a short time, which is a pity, as he is a great all-round entertainer, and lists among his talents impersonating Stan Boardman, James Cagney and Tommy Cooper.

David's TV Career So Far

David presented a show on Channel 5 about antiques called The Antique Hunter. He also presented The Antique Buyer's Guide, and was first seen in a documentary made by the BBC exploring the world of antiques dealers. Since appearing on Bargain Hunt, David has also be seen on other shows including Blankety Blank, Through the Keyhole, Holiday, Night of a Thousand Faces, Open House with Gloria Hunniford, On the Couch with Ruby Wax, Johnny Vaughan, Shooting Stars and even as a caricature of himself on the radio show Dead Ringers.

David's Character

David's best known catchphrases are 'cheap as chips,' 'a bit of a duffer' and 'a real Bobby Dazzler!' but he has many more in his repertoire, which include some of his most frequently used pieces of advice such as 'always look for quality pieces' and 'look for perfection, especially in porcelain.'

David is also famed for his gorgeous clothes including striking pin-stripes (in the traditional white-on-black as well as a stunning 'negative' black-on-white version), beautiful Continental tailoring in his lightweight suits, a selection of dazzling ties with matching handkerchiefs, stylish reading glasses (particularly the rainbow-coloured ones) and, of course, smashing footwear, from grey slip-ons to the black-and-white 'correspondent's shoes' - all of this set off against that fantastic tan, those dark gorgeous eyes, great eyebrows and a cracking smile.

What Next For David Dickinson?

As we are still near the beginning of David's career, it's time that the public were given the chance to show their support for this dazzling star, and it's likely that there will be an explosion of merchandise on the horizon and the possibilities seem virtually limitless - for example, how about a Bargain Hunt calendar with David photographed in the various stately homes he has visited, or a book with the best results from the show?

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