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Who Gained from World War II?

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The most criminal country in the world since generations, by hiding áll criminal money in their banks.

But they did not even do what a bank is supposed to do in the first place; keeping your very own money save when your gone.

Millions and millions of dollars the Jews put on Swiss banks, because Zwitserland was "neutral" (only officially of course).

They never got it back, not even their children.
While it could be proven it still was there.

About ten years ago it all agaín was in the news around the world.
Now they became scared and started to destroy all the evidences,
but because there was só múch evidence it took days to destroy all of it.

A claener found some of these papers in the bank and showed it to the newspaper and maybe American Ambassee.

New York said; we won't do ány bussiness with you any longer untill you will pay the full, the FULL, amount to family of the owners.

Well, finally the banks did.

At this moment in history (2006), there is since 1998 only óne Suisse fugitive family who went to the USA, where they are allowed to start a second life.

Don't need to explain which family fled.

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Who Gained from World War II?

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