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If one has seen the Danger Man series there is no mistaking who number 6 is in spite of Patrick's denials. It seems that Drake, his character from Danger Man, actually proposed a place like the "village" so of course he would be number 1.

How can one escape oneself?

Witness in "The Fall" the appearance of a number 1 after he is unveiled, it is himself 6.

It is telling that one of the episodes is called "Schizoid Man"- indicating the paranoid-schizophrenic nature of the spy business.

As to whether or not the "village" actually existed or is just in the mind of Drake no. 6. We'll never now for sure

Portmeirion is of course real and their use of this historic hotel is almost worth the viewing by itself.

I enjoyed this series immensely and would have the DVD collection is I could afford it.

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Prisoner/number one

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