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Klingon Music

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Uncle Ghengis

Of course the klingons are also known for their opera. I haven't herad any of that, but there is a band called "Klingon Klezmer" - that plays an interesting kind of Alien/Yiddish/East-European Jazz.

I quite like 'em.

Klingon Music

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Interesting. They available on KaZaA?

Klingon Music

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Uncle Ghengis

I haven't looked but there are a couple of instrumental excerpts on Amazon.com I think (But NOT on Amazon.co.uk)

Klingon Music

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mabe you can ask the nice guys at startrek.com.
they have a big klingon archive thing and when you go into it the sidebar and stuff has its own klingon skin. it has trhe same for the borg.
smiley - smiley

Klingon Music

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Ther is also a band named "Cosmic Horror", Klingon heavy metal. Loud & aggressive, as you would expect!

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