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Nick names for trains

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Researcher 200204

The Class 37 locomotive had many name, including "Growler" for the noise of the enging and "Tractor" for the same reason, most common is usually "Growler."
The term "Slug" is not the nickname for all Class 37's, only 37901/2/3/4/5/6. This is because these where test beds for new engines, for the Class 38 locomotive, which never appered. The name "Slug" comes from the drivers of these particular trains, when power was applied the engines took some time to respond, and as they where sluggish, they do the name "Slug."

Nick names for trains

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That's brilliant. Welcome to h2g2, Mr. 200204. Put something on your personal space, won't you, even if it's just "hello", so that someone can come and say hi and point you to all the other wonderful stuff there is to do here, and other people can drop in and talk to you. You might even like to put something about yourself there- although don't feel the need to particularly - click on my name and you won't find out much of anything useful about me, although something on my space might raise a smirk. Try it.

Thanks for this. I'm continually amazed at the depth of people's knowledge of obscure subjects, and their joy in sharing it with others. Thanks! smiley - cheers


Nick names for trains

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Researcher 216547

Then there's the class 31s or "brians". Named after the Magic Roundabout's snail. Apparently they made slow progress on heavy freight trains (for which they were not designed). They were also nicknamed "Peds" (pedestrians). Hope this is useful.

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