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I live here you know

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M Fishie, keeper of the magic fingers (And the enormous eyes as well)

You're completely right about the '13-year-old thugs'.

Question for you though - ever been to Kirk's?

I live here you know

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Yes, and Kirks can get just as violent as the 13 year old thugs during its annual sale. It is quite funny to watch grown men fighting over slightly effeminate and overpriced business shirts.

Mind you, Kirks: best place for hats and canes in Wellington by far.

I live here you know

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

Or at all, wouldn't you say? I'm not familiar with anywhere else in Wellington that even /has/ canes, or an appropriate style of hat to go with them.

I'm tempted to take a friend and some popcorn to sit across the road from the next K&S sale, just for the entertainment value.
(For those not familiar, Kirkaldies and Staines, or Kirk's, is the most exclusive shopping complex in the city. Sort of like Harrods, for NZ. When they have a sale you can literally watch 80 year old WASP ladies hitting each other with their handbags, to be the first to get in the door. Yes I agree, it's pathetic.)

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