A Conversation for Wellington, New Zealand

Satellite towns

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Drunken Muppet

It is interesting to note that the occaisionally alarming civic pride of Wellingtonians does not apply to such satellite areas as the Hutt Valley. Valleydwellers are only too happy to, in the event that you call their residence a part of the Windy City, introduce their feet to lonely and neglected parts of your anatomy. However, this pointless regional quibbling dissolves when an Aucklander intervenes, in which case the Wellingtonians and Valleydwellers would forget their differences in the interest of the happy national pastime known as "throttling the b*****d."
Interestingly enough, this same effect occurs should an Australian be introduced to the scenario -- all the Kiwis against the Ocker.
Should an American appear at this point, he would be well-advised to, well, not.

Satellite towns

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

smiley - laugh It's funny because it's true!

Ever notice that siblings do the same thing?

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