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The 80s...

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were just Background for me

I was too busy trying to stay married, and (when that didn't work)

get divorced rapidly.

It was the time when Thatcher got elected for a second term in GB so I emigrated to Eire and relived the 1960s, because Eire was slow and gentle in comparison to GB's Yuppy Red Braces and materialism.

You could keep your key in your door and not worry.

The 1980s was when I learned to autopsy goats and sheep, wait on tables with absolutely no training and experience and yet still earn more tips than weekly wage, set simple bones (no GPs/hospitals were very close) and earn my living by singing in pubs, reading poetry and doing incredibly poor street theatre for laughs and occasionally, payment.

The 80s was when I gave birth to my sons ('87 and '88)

I remember the radio playing "Klingons on the Starboard Bow"as the number one hit in the UK when Number one son was born and thinking "My Gawd, what a way to welcome a newborn"smiley - rolleyes

I think "Ripples in the Rock pool" by Enya was the Irish no 1 at around the same time.

I remember "Morse" first time around, on

And I discovered Jamesons Whiskey and Davey Spillane. And how to sing for money in the local pubs.

And until I returned to GB in the 1990s, I believed Whoopee Goldberg was a "serious" actress, because the only thing I'd ever seen her in was The Colour Purple at the local flea pit.

Great dayssmiley - smiley

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The 80s...

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